Common Questions


Q. How do I get additional information?
A. Contact:
Larry Smith


David Domine
fax 937-666-5010

Q. Where can equipment be serviced?
A. Service & support is available at our facility:
Link Commercial Vehicle Testing, Inc.
3143 County Road 154
East Liberty, Oh 43319
Q. Where can I get updates to the ASRA III Software?
A. Click here for the latest software version

Q. Where can I get updates to the ASRA III Software?
A. Click here for the latest software version

Q. Is field training available?
A. We try to keep your costs and ours to a minimum. We offer support via operator manuals and over the phone. If this is not sufficient, we will be happy to quote any onsite training session.

Q. I am supplying my own computer - how do I configure the MCU-to-Computer communication port?
A. The MCU communicates with the host computer through a USB 2.0 port.
During ASRA III software installation process, a software driver is loaded onto the computer that supports the USB chip inside the MCU. Even though it is a USB driver, it simulates a COM port (it adds another virtual COM port to the computer).

Note: there is no simple way to determine the number of the COM ports on your system. Generally, there is at least one COM port on every computer designated COM1. COM2 is generally reserved for a physical port on the computer and should not be used. Unless the computer has a large number of serial ports, the operator should normally try COM3 or COM4. ASRA III systems supplied with a computer are pre-configured and should not need any COM port adjustments.

With ASRA III program running, open the CONFIGURATION window to display the MCU COM PORT button. Click to open a window to select the COM port from a drop down a list ports available. Begin by choosing a COMx port that is not COM1 or COM2. Click the OK button to accept the changes and then click OK again to exit the configuration window. Click EXIT to exit ASRA III program to set the COM port setting.
Re-open ASRA III program.

If the COM port selected is correct, the main display will show the MCU icon in a yellow color. If the MCU icon is gray with a black diagonal line through it, the COM port selected is not right. Repeat the steps above by going through the configuration window and selecting the next available COM port, quitting ASRA III program and then re-starting it until the icon is yellow.
If it is not possible to get the icon to show yellow after selecting all available COM ports, please contact GBE support. Call 800-444-3216 and ask for Jim Jenkins or Larry Smith. Or visit our website at - ASRA III Heavy Duty Truck Brake Tester and Trailer Brake Tester for Analysis, Certification and Diagnostics of air brake systems, Air System Response Analyzer
Truck Air Brake Testing and Trailer Air Brake Testing from Gooch Brake and Equipment for Brake, Suspension, Fifth Wheel, Truck manufacturers & Trailer manufacturers.
Truck, trailer, bus and emergency vehicle accident reconstruction, truck and trailer brake diagnostics & analysis, brake equipment repair, truck and trailer parts and service.
   's ASRA III brake testing equipment meets all FMVSS 121 and Canadian CMVSS 121 heavy duty truck and trailer air brake testing requirements