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Brake Testing - Air System Response Analyzers

Brake and Axle Weight test

  • Vehicle Inspection Trailer, our highly maneuverable, self contained VIT can easily and quickly give you an analysis of your vehicle or entire fleet. All we need is your vehicle and a level approach area.

ASRA III Software

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ASRA III - In the Shop


ASRA III Mini-Tractor for certification, diagnostics, and testing vehicles in the shop where a controlled air source is desired. The system is available in two configurations, ASRA III-2MT and ASRA III-6MT. Units can be expanded to test up to 18 wheel positions simultaneously by adding SNH kits.

Our Mini-Tractor provides brake system certification so accurate it exceeds FMVSS121 and CMVSS121 requirements from the Department of Transportation and Transport Canada.

Since ASRAIII is expandable, you can start with our lower-priced basic kit
and add Hub Kits and components as your needs and budget grows.

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ASRA III - Portable

Portable systems for field diagnostics, analyzation and accident recreation just about anywhere.

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Gooch Brake's MT-Series Air System Response Analyzers

MT-Series are no longer manufactured
MT Series Parts and Service are still available as well as Upgrades from MT-Series to ASRA III


Gooch Brake supports our Testing Equipment -
From the MT-300 to MT 600 Mini-Tractor Test Rigs, to our mobile Vehicle Inspection Trailer

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Mini-Tractor Test Rigs


  • MT-300 - Portable - take it in the field
  • MT-400 - Why pay for portability when you don't need it
  • MT-600 - Top-of-the-line
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    M-600 Electronics Case


    For field diagnostics, pick up the M-600 electronics case and take off!

    Easy to operate, easy to understand!

    If you have an interest in keeping big trucks rolling safely and economically, the Gooch Air System Response Analyzer is a device you should investigate for in-shop or on the road testing.

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    Vehicle Inspection Trailer



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      Our highly maneuverable, self contained VIT can easily and quickly give you an analysis of your vehicle or entire fleet. All we need is your vehicle our VIT and a level approach area.

    This equipment diagnoses and records aspects of the air system, helping the technician to:

    • See differentials between mechanical and air problems
    • Check and record pre and post brake efficiency
    • Develop an electronic and or paper record of a vehicle's road worthiness


      We are a VISCHECK member. For more information, go to: - ASRA III Heavy Duty Truck Brake Tester and Trailer Brake Tester for Analysis, Certification and Diagnostics of air brake systems, Air System Response Analyzer
    Truck Air Brake Testing and Trailer Air Brake Testing from Gooch Brake and Equipment for Brake, Suspension, Fifth Wheel, Truck manufacturers & Trailer manufacturers.
    Truck, trailer, bus and emergency vehicle accident reconstruction, truck and trailer brake diagnostics & analysis, brake equipment repair, truck and trailer parts and service.
       's ASRA III brake testing equipment meets all FMVSS 121 and Canadian CMVSS 121 heavy duty truck and trailer air brake testing requirements