Accident Investigation

Heavy duty trucks, tractor-trailers and other air brake equipment involved in accidents or crashes

Improper brake balance can either cause or contribute to the cause of an accident. An accident reconstruction investigator should always inspect brakes after a truck collision. This kind of accident inspection requires specialized air system response equipment that can supply and regulate air pressure to a vehicle that has a damaged air-supply system.

Information gathered during the accident reconstruction inspection can be used to calculate brake force in order to determine the efficiency of each brake. This information can be used during the accident investigation of the accident to determine not only what the pre-braking speed of the truck was but also if the brake condition was a causative factor in the accident.


With our new ASRA III system,
air brakes can be tested,
analyzed and diagnosed
in the field in minutes with
our portable testing equipment.
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ASRA III Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Brake Tester for Accident reconstruction, accident investigation, crash analysis, brake Analysis,
air brake accident investigation and reconstruction for heavy duty trucks and tractor trailers. Air System Response Analyzer
    Air Brake Testing from Gooch Brake and Equipment for Brake, Suspension, Fifth Wheel, Truck & Trailer manufacturers.
    Truck and trailer accident reconstruction, brake diagnostics & analysis, brake equipment repair, truck parts and service.
              Works for meeting all FMVSS 121 and Canadian CMVSS 121 truck and trailer brake testing requirements